• Yellowrock
    An international trader and a supply chain manager
    of agricultural commodities and services
  • A Panamax charterer
    Ocean Freight Expertise
     Chartering of vessels with high capacity
      Logistical platform at the port of Jorf Lasfar
      Direct connection to the dock for unloading
  • Terminal Céréalier Jorf Lasfar- Groupe Holmarcom
    Logistical platform for unloading and storing inside
    the port of Jorf Lasfar
    Port of Jorf Lasfar
     Very high unloading rate 
     12.000 MT/day for grains and oilseeds 
     6.000 MT/day for meals 
  • Stockage sous douane MEAD de cereales et oleagineux au port de Jorf Lasfar (Maroc) - Yellowrock
    Services at the port of Jorf Lasfar
    Mastering the logistical chain
     Bonded storage capacity : 120.000 tons  
     Stevedoring and customs clearance operations  
     Goods delivered to the final customer  
  • Our expertise
     Counselling on the grain and oilseed markets
     Trading platform in Geneva
     Trading on real-time basis
     Proximity and trustfull relationship with local players at the origin
     Giving constant attention to product quality and traceability  
    Subsidiary of the HOLMARCOM group, Yellowrock handles
    the entire transactional chain

Being an international distribution platform for grains and oilseeds,  Yellowrock aims to be the leader in the North and West African markets.

Yellowrock handles the entire transactional chain.

Counselling and Trading
Ocean freight
Bonded Warehouses
  • Importateur d'aliments de bétail Maroc - Yellowrock
Our Clients

Our Expertise


Yellowrock offers its expertise on the grain and oilseed markets to its customers.

Quality assurance

Quality guaranteed by a cutting edge equipped laboratory.

Trading and risk management

Trading platform in Geneva. Price negotiation, purchasing from producers.

Bonded storage capacity

120.000 metric tons of bonded storage in the port of Jorf Lasfar.

Ocean freight

Chartering high capacity vessels to the port of Jorf Lasfar.


Stevedoring and customs’ clearance.

Grain handling terminal

High unloading rate at the port of Jorf Lasfar: 12.000 metric tons/day.

Customer delivery

Goods delivered to final customer.

Corporate video

A diversified range of products to meet our clients' needs

Dedicated to serve the animal feed manufacturers and millers.

  • Product Corn Yellowrock
  • Product Corn Gluten Feed Yellowrock
  • Product DDGS Yellowrock
  • Product Soya Beans Yellowrock
  • Product Soybean Meal Yellowrock
  • Product Soya Hulls Yellowrock
  • Product Soft Wheat Yellowrock
  • Product Wheat Bran Yellowrock
  • Product Barley Yellowrock
  • Product Sunflower Seeds Yellowrock
  • Product Sunflower Meal Yellowrock
  • Product Rapeseeds Yellowrock
  • Product Rape Meal Yellowrock